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Nonprofit Espresso is a conversation with people from all different walks of the social sector – the arts, public health, social justice, philanthropy, and more – to discover what we can learn as we explore the passion behind our communities. This podcast aims to introduce listeners to the nonprofit world - and the people who work so hard behind the scenes to support and build the communities around us. 

We hope to help people understand that the nonprofit sector is an established and professionalized workforce. It's about clarifying the myths surrounding this kind of work and providing information on the nonprofits in our community and how they affect change and impact lives. Our goal is to help people think about the nonprofit sector as more than just charity work and understand that this work touches our lives in so many ways that may not be apparent at first glance.


 - Bryce Lord

About the Host

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Bryce Lord


Bryce Lord is the Associate Director of the Helen Bader Institute (HBI) for Nonprofit Management at the University of Wisconsin (UWM). Bryce oversees the community outreach programming for HBI. In addition, he serves as the Department Manager of the Department of Public and Nonprofit Administration at UWM. He holds a Master of Science in Nonprofit Management and Leadership and a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies, both from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.