With the publication of the 2019 Wisconsin Civic Health Index this past summer, Wisconsin joins 30 other U.S. states in measuring civic health. In this episode, Mary Beth Collins, Executive Director of the Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies (CommNS) at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, joins me to discuss the importance of tracking civic engagement and its implications this report has on Wisconsin. We also learn about the path that brought Mary Beth to lead such a thriving focal point for Wisconsin's nonprofit communities.

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Mary Beth CollinsProfile Photo

Mary Beth Collins

Executive Director, Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies

Mary Beth Collins, J.D., M.A., is the Executive Director of the UW-Madison Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies (the "CommNS"). She has dedicated much of her career and free time to the “third sector,” working as a teacher, attorney, and nonprofit director to advance the strength and well-being of communities, families, and mission-based enterprises. In her current role, she works with the CommNS team and collaborators to harness university assets in authentic collaboration with community partners to promote a better third sector, a better Wisconsin, and a better world. Mary Beth also develops and delivers graduate-level courses, leveraging her extensive network to bring community and practitioner wisdom to the classroom and prepare students for their careers as effective change agents in a complex world.