In this episode, I'm joined by Katie Cummings, Founder and Executive Director of Pink Umbrella Theater Company. Aside from catching up after a long time, we discuss her work in providing theater education for children and adults with a variety of neuro-diverse issues.

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Katie CummingsProfile Photo

Katie Cummings

Executive Director/Founder, Pink Umbrella Theater Company

Katie Cummings has dedicated twenty years as a theater artist, educator, and advocate for inclusion and diversity in theater. Recently, she founded Pink Umbrella Theater Co., the first one of its kind in the city of Milwaukee, focused on providing and promoting theater for people who identify with a physical, intellectual or emotional disability. A Wisconsin native, Katie graduated from Cardinal Stritch University with a BA in Theater and Business. Her resume includes First Stage, Bunny Gumbo, UW-Milwaukee, Chamber Theater, and St. Joseph High School. She attended and taught, a variety of professional development sessions throughout her career focused on equality, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. Katie believes that theater has the power to develop empathy, create meaningful connections and engage the community.