November 07, 2022

A Creative Community

Host Bryce Lord discusses arts advocacy and post-Covid recovery in this episode with Anne Katz, Executive Director of Create Wisconsin , Wisconsin’s community cultural development organization. Support the show

Non-Profit The Arts Wisconsin Season 2 Advocacy

June 26, 2022


This week, Milwaukee Children's Choir Executive Director, Bill Busch, joins host Bryce Lord to discuss connecting children with music during the coronavirus lockdown. We'll also learn how this well-established arts organizati...

Non-Profit Season 2 Music Coronavirus Music Education

May 16, 2022

Why Employees Leave

In this week's Single Shot, host Bryce Lord weighs in on the Great Resignation and its meaning for the nonprofit sector.

Non-Profit Season 2 Human Resources Great Resignation

May 09, 2022

Breaking Down DEI

Beth Ridley of Ridley Consultants joins Bryce to talk about the fundamentals of DEI and the steps to take to ensure a culture of belonging in the workplace. Support the show

Non-Profit Wisconsin Season 2 Diversity Equity Inclusion Wi

May 02, 2022

It's Not A Comeback, It's A Return

Nonprofit Espresso returns with a new look, new sound, and a new format. This week, host Bryce Lord looks into the proposed Nonprofit Sector Strength and Partnership Act of 2022 and what it offers for the U.S. social sector. ...

Non-Profit Wisconsin Season 2 Federal Government

February 15, 2021


With the publication of the 2019 Wisconsin Civic Health Index this past summer, Wisconsin joins 30 other U.S. states in measuring civic health. In this episode, Mary Beth Collins, Executive Director of the Center for Communit...

Society & Culture Non-Profit Civic Health Wisconsin Season 1

January 28, 2021

Wisconsin Gives

In this episode, Bryce talks with Tony Shields, the outspoken and passionate President & CEO of the Wisconsin Philanthropy Network (WPN). As the leader of an organization supporting foundations, giving programs, and individua...

Non-Profit Philanthropy Wisconsin Season 1

November 16, 2020

Being the Solution

In this episode, I’m joined by Malkia Stampley-Johnson , a Milwaukee-born actress with a career on stage, TV, and film. We'll get the scoop on her involvement in two separate initiatives in Milwaukee to expand awareness of an...

Non-Profit Society & Culture Covid The Arts Wisconsin Season 1

November 02, 2020

Birds of a Feather

Bryce sits down with Kim O'Brien, Executive Director of the Nonprofit Leadership Initiative in Appleton, WI to discuss providing the necessary resources for leadership development to nonprofits in the Fox Valley region of Wis...

Non-Profit Wisconsin Season 1

October 12, 2020


In this episode, I'm joined by Katie Cummings, Founder and Executive Director of Pink Umbrella Theater Company . Aside from catching up after a long time, we discuss her work in providing theater education for children and ad...

Non-Profit Society & Culture Wisconsin Season 1

September 28, 2020

A Life in the Arts

Milwaukee Chamber Theatre Artistic Director Brent Hazelton joins me to talk about his career, moving into his new role - hot on the heels of the international pandemic - and how he is maneuvering within this new environment.

Non-Profit Society & Culture Covid The Arts Season 1

September 16, 2020

Nonprofit Espresso - Trailer

Join Bryce Lord , Associate Director of the Helen Bader Institute for Nonprofit Management at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, as he sits down with the passionate people that work, volunteer, and connect to nonprofit ...

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